Cat model is craching my blender 3.6

See, when I try to export this cat model, blender crashes:

As you see from video, I did not even tried to use “child particles” or animation.
It just crashs when I export with default settings.
Blender Log files are here for you: (147.3 KB)

The other cat model with fur is exporting just fine!

I cannot fidn out why its doing this, this is supposed to be AAA model.

I hope someone from Nvidia could check this cat model and why it crashes.
I managed to export it few times, but then crashing started and Blender re-intallation did not helped me…

Hi @pekka.varis. Thanks for reporting this! By any chance, would you be able to attach the Blender crash log when this happens? The crash log is usually written to the temporary directory:

I made it crash again with the same export try.
Then I searched my PC for the file “GreyTabbyCat.crash.txt” but nothing was found…

I just sent the original blender file for you as PM.
Hope you have some time to check it out :)

Ha! Windows found the crash log after a while…

GreyTabbyCat.crash.txt (39.5 KB)

Hi @pekka.varis. Please try the export with the latest Blender 3.6.0 Alpha v200.1 that was released today to the Omniverse launcher. From my tests, this version addresses UI issues that were causing the crash, but please let me know if this scene still crashes for you. Thanks.

Yes it does not crash anymore, but the fur animation is not exported to usd anymore:

See in the previous version it worked:

What might this be?

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Hi @pekka.varis. I’m sorry for the delayed reply. We’ve been investigating this issue and will report back once we have a resolution. Thanks for reporting this.

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