CentOS 7.x GRID Install


I’m trying to install GRID 6.0 on CentOS 7.x, but not having any luck apart from version 7.4, which does install. The problem with 7.4, is that it’s not currently supported by Citrix, so I need to use an earlier version, ideally 7.3 at this stage.

The bit I’m stuck at is the “Kernel Source Files” part (see attached). I can fix that by running “yum update”, but the problem with that is that it upgrades the entire OS to version 7.4, which fixes the GRID install, but breaks Citrix.

If anyone can advise how to get around this issue it would be much appreciated


kernel error.jpg

Why is it that as soon as you post something on a public forum, you then work out how to fix it a few minutes later …