CheersBot: If you wanna cheers with your friends during self-quarantine #COVID-19

Hello there!
How were things going?

There are scary viruses out there. All we have to prevent infection is social-distancing.
But, many health experts are saying that there is an increasing need for psychological health care and I think it’s addressing a very important point. We need something fun during self-quarantine.

So, we made Cheersbot that provide interesting interaction when you drink with your friends through video-call.

The function of CheersBot is as follows

  • ‘Cheers’ Interaction

  • Voice Recognition & Feedback

  • Let me know how much I drink

  • Reject cheers if U drinks too much

I also provide demo video & code for your happy self-quarantine.
Enjoy your drinking with Cheersbot
chaewon kim

If you want to watch How CheersBot works <- click here!
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