Client Interfaces

I am exploring my options as to how to best have clients interact with my model in the Omniverse. As a small business, I can model and create content. I am now looking at how to allow many people to access our digital twins. I am guessing from what I have read that once more than 2 people are accessing the Omniverse models, I will need to move into the realms of the deep pockets.

Will my best option be to push my OpenUSD model to a cloud based gaming engine for customers to interface with the digital twin and associated data?

It depends what you mean by interact. Modify, collaborate, develop. …. They will need Enterprise access along with you. Just view the usd file offline, just a free copy of omniverse and Presenter. For mass online viewing and interaction, you would need to host on our Nvidia GDN network. That would also need Enterprise Sales.

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