Community Edition license problem

I download and install PGI Community Edition to compile and run a climate model. Build step works well. But when I run the executable file, it crashed. And the log is as follows:

EXECUTABLE EXPIRED- This executable was created using a pre-sales evaluation license key. The PGI Software and compiled executables cease to function after expiration of a pre-sales evaluation license key. Please use a different license key or contact PGI Sales at for assistance.

I have uninstalled the last version and recompiled the project. Compilation is ok. The error always exists when executable file is run. How can I solve the problem?

Thank you.


What you are experiencing is some object file, possibly in a library
you created, was compiled with a trial license that puts a timeout
in that object file.

Only way to correct is to recompile those sources with a license that does not add a timeout. The Community Edition is such a license.
The presence during linking of a license that does not add any timeouts, does not remove the timeouts already inserted.

Look at everything you link, by looking at your link step with the
added switches

-v -W,-t

and see if there are any libs or objects that were not recently
built, but were built with PGI compilers. Recompile those and
you should be okay.

I cannot tell you how to determine which objects have timeout
code, in case you are wondering.