comparasion of one-sided VS two-sided operations


As we know, RDMA support one-sided operation(i.e. write/read) and two-sided operation(i.e. send/receive), according to literature(e.t. pilaf, ATC’13), researchers claims that: one-sided operation perform better than two-sided operation both in throughput and latency, NICs can achieve 2.45 million write/read operations per second while 0.7 send operations and 1.5 receive operation since the latter one need more bookkeeping.

So i’m asking that could anyone give more specification and relevant papers, i just want to explore it in details.



We have explored this in great detail in our research:

  1. FaSST: Fast, Scalable and Simple Distributed Transactions with Two-Sided (RDMA) Datagram RPCs | USENIX

  2. Design Guidelines for High Performance RDMA Systems | USENIX