Compton Compositor takes up 100% of one core

Can we get a lite image that uses TWM?

Also a tutorial on how to change the Window Manager without breking everything would be nice!

We have the source code of sample rootfs in
Sample Root Filesystem Sources
You may base on the sample rootfs and do customization.

Ok, I’ll try to google it, right now I have no clue what those words mean!

I don’t want to re-compile linux, I only want the desktop to not suck out-of-the-box like on Raspbian lite.

Can we change the compositor? What does Raspberry use?

Compton should not be using 100% of 1 core.

I use it in my custom image for the nano and it is much better than the one used in the standard nvidia image.

To enable compton create a custom start up application and for the start up command write “compton” not compton -d or anything else.

Can I disable compton? Why does Nvidia use that? Raspberry does not!

How can I build my own custom image?

There are steps of switching to Wayland system. Please take a look at

For using other window systems, may need forum users to share experience. Or you may disable window system and use DRM.

I think DRM is what RaspiOS uses… it would be great if you could make a lite image with no X stuff so that we can install whatever stuff we want manually instead of having to remove things that will break everything.

I looked at the Sample Root Filesystem Sources it contains alot of files, including gnome stuff. This business is hairy, it makes no sense that the end user should have to build their own releases/distributions like mr.chrismitchells did.

Because we need a trustable source, and it’s not efficient.