Compute Capability Quadro K2000M

Hi Forum,

does anyone know the compute capability of the Quadro K2000M?
I plan on using CUDA in our company and I think about buying a notebook with a Quadro K2000M.
Also the Quadro K2000M is not listed in
It could have 3.0 like the listed Quadro K500M.


This thread gives the output of CUDA-Z for the K2000M:

It is a compute capability 3.0 device.

Thank you.

Actually, if you click on 1000M/2000M/3000M or something like that under Quadro Mobile Product, it will redirect to another page where a bunch of computers equipped with K1000M/K2000M/K3000M/ will show up. I think that means K2000M is CUDA compatible.