compute capability ?

hello, question are all silly: what does Nvidia mean by compute capability? , because the Titan RTX, GTX 10xO and RTX 20x0 have the same score, but are of different technologies and the benchmark is not explained

compute capability refers to a specific design member of an architectural generation

GTX 10x0 (compute capability 6.1) does not have the same compute capability as Titan RTX and RTX 20x0 (compute capability 7.5).

6.1 = pascal generation
7.5 = turing generation

If you study some tables in the programming guide, you can see how compute capability is used to determine certain technical capabilities and throughputs of the chip:

thank you if i understand correctly and you correct me if i am wrong: the 16xx and 20xx series having the same architecture, therefore do the same thing

At this point in time, this is a true statement. GeForce 16xx and GeForce 20xx SKUs all use GPUs with the Turing architecture.

That is a very ambiguous statement. All GPUs with the same compute capability have the same set of basic capabilities and are binary compatible at the machine code level; they differ in the amount of hardware resources that implement these capabilities.

We know it very well, but I buy myself during the year a cluster computer with ryzen, but I hesitate between 4 GPU 1660 super or 4 GPU 2060, I do machine learning and as I read contradictory remarks, I am somewhat lost, so if I am told Turing = Turing and too bad for the Tensor Core optimized for Tensor Flow (which I use but not only …)

I see what you are saying. Best I can tell, all Turing architecture chips have compute capability 7.5, but reviews of the GeForce 1660 (Super) indicate that it doesn’t come with Tensor Cores or Ray Tracing cores (emphasis in citations mine):,6027.html

If true, that is a very confusing move on NVIDIA’s part. There may be handwave-y talking points from NVIDIA marketing why tensors cores are not considered to be part of the compute capability but I haven’t seen any.

It seems that if you want/need tensor cores, you want a GeForce 20xx.

thank you, I take your remark into consideration, for a year I hear everything and its opposite, read blog, white paper, chain bench, but nothing that takes into account the ML and pro who not the means of past on Titan RTX, I must not be the only one in this case, I leave the discussions open, have a good evening