Compute Shader with multiple entry points

I have the following usecase where I have multiple entry points in one SPV-file:

  • one Kernel uses 4 parameters
  • the other Kernel has not parameters (and is in the example even an empty shader for a minimal example)

I now want to call the empty kernel, but I get a segfault when creating the compute pipeline within the Nvidia driver.
I have tracked down to the problem, that if I pass on the descriptorSetLayoutBinding for the kernel with the 4 parameters it runs through. Anyhow this workaround is not possible for my actual usecase because I don’t know about the parameters of all the other kernels in the SPV-file.

I’ve also checked the vulkan spec but it is not specific if all bindings have to be provided even though that they are not used by the entry point used by the compute pipeline. But I’ve checked on AMD and Intel hardware and they do not have this problem I only observed on Nvidia hardware.
I am working on Windows 10 using the latest Nvidia Driver 456.71.

SourceCode and Shader on GoogleDrive

Does anybody know more about that problem?

Best Regards