Control JetRacer directly with USB Controller

Hello everyone,

I am currently working with the Waveshare JetRacer AI KIT (see following link).
JetRacer AI Kit, AI Racing Robot Powered by Jetson Nano (

It’s using a waveshare image and runs on the jetson nano 4gb. The image uses Jetpack 4.5.

Within the waveshare-tutorials, there is the option to teleoperate the jetracer via a jupyter notebook. Therefore the USB-Receiver of the included usb joystick has to be connected to the host-pc.

Is there a possibilty to connect it directly to the jetson nano developer kit? By that the latency can be minimized and therefore a more accurate teleoperating can be achieved. Since Donkeycar already achieved it, i think it has to be possible.

Within my project i want to work with PyTorch so i can’t use donkeycar.

Thanks in Advance

I don’t have answer, suggest to check JetRacer AI Kit - Waveshare Wiki to find more information.

Hello and thanks for you answer.

Shouldn’t it work the same as for JetBot? I think for JetBot there is a class called “LocalController” (see following Link):

But it didnt work for me.

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