Could not locate 'efi\boot\bootaa64.efi': [14] Not Found

| UEFI:NTFS v2.2 (aa64) |
| |

[INFO] UEFI v2.70 (EDK II, 0x00010000)
[INFO] Secure Boot status: Setup
[INFO] Disconnecting potentially blocking drivers
[INFO] Searching for target partition on boot disk:
[INFO] VenHw(1E5A432C-0466-4D31-B009-D4D9239271D3)/MemoryMapped(0xB,0x3610000,
[INFO] Found NTFS target partition:
[INFO] VenHw(1E5A432C-0466-4D31-B009-D4D9239271D3)/MemoryMapped(0xB,0x3610000,
96F95) | |
[INFO] Checking if target partition needs the NTFS| Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0! |
[INFO] Starting NTFS driver service: | |
add-symbol-file /home/runner/work/ntfs-3g/ntfs-3g/±----------------------------±driver/uefi_driver/DEBUG/ntfs.dll 0x803C42000
Loading driver at 0x00803C41000 EntryPoint=0x00803C4444C ntfs.efi
[INFO] NTFS Driver 1.4 (ntfs-3g aedfef8d)
[INFO] Opening target NTFS partition:
[INFO] Volume label is ‘Ubuntu 22_04_1 LTS amd64’
[INFO] This system uses 64-bit ARM UEFI => searching for aa64 EFI bootloader
[FAIL] Could not locate ‘efi\boot\bootaa64.efi’: [14] Not Found

What happened to the mistake

What is the message from? Were you compiling software? Booting something? Installing? If this is from boot, then you’d probably need to attach a full serial console boot log.

thank you reply,it has been dealt with,This error occurred because I used a boot USB flash drive

What did you do? I am with this problem and can’t handle with that.

”Volume label is ‘Ubuntu 22_04_1 LTS amd64’“,This is one of my USB boot disk, so cause this problem, take off the USB disk can boot normally.

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