Crashing Using 1GB M10 Profiles in XenDesktop

We’re just getting into deploying our XenDesktop VDA setup. We’ve got a set of machines running with the M10-0B (512 MB VRAM) profile and working just fine. However for some machines we need a bit more and so I’m trying to create a set of machines running the M10-1Q (1 GB VRAM) profile. When I create the VDAs with this profile those machines never get into Windows and reboot over and over. I tried the other 1 GB VRAM profiles as those do the same. If I set it back to 512 MB they again work fine. I’m pretty new to this whole vGPU thing, so I’d appreciate any guidance I can get on this. Here’s some information about what we’re running.

OS: Windows Server 2016
Citrix XenDesktop Version: 7.15 CU2
Citrix App Layering Version: 4.13
Driver Version

Let me know if there’s any other relevant information that would help. Thanks!

  • Bryan

Are you using PVS or MCS to deploy your VMs? If yes, which vGPU profile does your Master image have attached … Make sure your VMs have the same vGPU profile as your Master. When you change vGPU profiles, the OS will see it as a different GPU, and this typically requires a reboot. If you have non-persistent VMs, this could be what’s happening …

As you’re using a 512MB profile, you won’t be using NVEnc on any of those VMs. NVEnc only works with 1GB profiles and above. Also, unless you need Quadro features, a 1B profile will be cheaper on the licenses.



This was exactly the issue. We are running these non-persistent so that makes a lot of sense. I created a new Platform layer in PVS and made a new machine template from that using the M10-1B GPU profile. I also had to uninstall/reinstall the driver in Device Manager before it would work for some reason. But when I created the new VMs from that template they working great. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

  • Bryan