Create engine and inference with DLAs on Xavier

I tried to create engine with DLA on Xavier.
But I don’t know how to create. And I would like to use one or two DLAs on Xavier.
(Xavier has two DLA cores)
And I had already known the way to inference with engine which does “NOT” dla cores.
Is there any difference between “with” and “without” DLA ?

Thank you.


DLA can be used by following function.

runtime->setDLACore(0);    // using DLA0

In our sample trtexec, DLA can be used by using –useDLACore=0 or –useDLACore=1.

 $ /usr/src/tensorrt/bin/trtexec ... --useDLACore=0 


Thank you,AastaLLL.

I try your method.
If I do not set DLA, the all inference is done on GPU. Isn’t it ?


Yes, the default device is GPU.


Thanks AastaLLL. I’ll try it.