creating a cuda dll with vs2005


I’m trying to create my own dll with my cuda project. I have did it well with a basic C++ project but since i’m adding a .cu file with cuda build rule on the dll project, this doesn’t work anymore…

The error : LNK2019 : unresolved external symbol “function_name”

Here is the files :

dll_use : uses dll_test (#pragma comment(lib,“dll_test.lib”))
dll_test : the dll project

Must I compile the C++ part and the cuda part separately?

Thanks for any answer :)

Long long ago, So long ago, there was a person called “Guido”.
He asked the same question long time ago…
And, the answer was a Video…

Dont grieve my friend,
Google is your friend,
Try “Guido DLL Sarnath site:”,
Read it till the end…
And, Be happy my friend,

Ahaha :)

I have watched your videos and managed to do what I want.

Thank you very much :lol: