Creating joints at runtime

I would like to create a joint between two links at a custom place at the beginning of running the script. Then setting it to exclude from articulation and start training. I need to create a kinematic articulation loop, where one joint is just passive, but I can only do it in the Isaac Sim and export as USD. Although Isaac Gym Preview does not support loading a USD (even though its written in the documentation, it actually doesn’t work). I need to use Isaa Gym Preview due to internal reasons and would solve my problem of not being able to load .USD by just creating this loop at the start of the program.

Is there any option to do this? I was looking inside of the API and documentation for omniverse.isaac.gym, isaac.core, PhysX API etc and couldn’t find one mention on how to create a joint, or join premade joints at runtime.

I write here, because your developer said it is possible via Python API in one of the videos on closing kinematic loop on the DOFbot example.

Thank you for any directions on how to create such joint connection.

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The dev in question was Hai Loc Lu. @HaiLocLu could you elaborate on the quote in this video? The timestamp 35:52 is automatically set by the youtube link.

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