Cross compile Xavier on Host Ubuntu 18.04 machine


I have a host machine: Ubuntu 18.04 laptop and have SDK manager installed. Used this machine to flash xavier as well.

I want to develop application using Qt and openCV on host ubuntu machine and compile the application,
then in production will flash the program together with Jetson OS to Xavier.

any ideas how to do next?

I’m newbie here and thanks for your help!

hello vic420,

you should download Sources from download center, then please also check BSP Customization for setting up system prerequisites.
you might also check L4T Multimedia API Reference Documentation for reference to development OpenCV applications,

Hi, thanks, how about Qt then?

We aren’t using Qt for anything Jetson related at D3 but we do cross compile. We have had good success cross compiling using multi-arch. Most of the software we build uses autotools and we package into .debs. When following that pattern cross compilation is almost completely automatic by executing dpkg-buildpackage -aarch arm64. You do need to install the required arm64 development packages on your build machine but even that is remarkably easy.

Qt may be more complex but I do recommend looking into multi-arch.

Good luck and please post back with your results!