cublasInit() fails

Hello all,

I am new to CUDA in general and am just trying to get my feet wet. I am having trouble running some of the sample programs. For most of them I know why (only 128MB video RAM) but I’m not too sure about simpleCUBLAS.

cublasInit() seems to be returning CUBLAS_STATUS_NOT_INITIALIZED when run in either Debug or Release mode. Both emulation modes work.

I am using Windows XP on a Macbook Pro with a 8600M GT, driver version 195.62. Everything was compiled in VS 2008. I’ve noticed that every couple of months someone asks the same question on the forums but has never really gotten a response. Any help would be appreciated.

Never mind… it just started working.

Could you provide more details? I am facing the same problem.



I would if I could. All I can say is that I rebooted a few times and it just started working.

I’ve also encountered another problem recently which also went away on it’s own. For a few hours today, the first cudaMalloc() call in any program would simply fail but if I ignored it and made the exact same call again everything would work fine. Now it seems to be working as expected.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.