CUDA 7.5 for GTX 2080Ti; Can CUDA act as an Accelerator Card like the Tesla?

For the GTX 2080Ti is 7.5 the most current release of CUDA?
Will that help with CPU and GPU acceleration? Can it act as a hardware solution and accelerator card? How does it compare to the Tesla Card?


I’m using CUDA 10.2 on my computer that has a 2080 Ti. Development and execution are excellent. I have not done any comparitive benchmarking.

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We are running an Intel i9-9900k processor with 128GB of RAM, if we ran our same setup with an 11GB 2080Ti graphics card? A 24GB Quadro RTX6000? or a 48GB RTX 8000? We plan on running 4K and 8K video and we want to do special Efx like Houdini, and will also be running DaVinci Resolve and adding Stop-Motion animation.