CUDA and numpy

I would like to use CUDA with numpy in python. I could do this by using the gpulib (was pygpu), but I seem to have an install problem with it. Is it possible to write the CUDA code in C and then use scipy.weave to incorporate it into a python program? I have used weave to incorporate other C code into a python program and it works great. If there are some likely pitfalls, please let me know as it could save me hours of time of trying. Does anyone have a code snipit for this that works?

i don’t have an answer, sorry, but am interested in hearing what worked. please report back…

thanks, andrew

Hi Andrew, check out python-cuda for lots of examples on using ctypes to allow python and CUDA programs to talk. There is also pycuda and gpulib. All can be found on google. Numpy can use as_ctypes to generate a ctypes object.


excellent, thanks!