CUDA enabled GPU for handheld device


I am working on CUDA programming for signal processing. The CUDA GPU is really powerful.

But I am thinking, is there any board for handheld device which has CUDA enabled GPU?

NVIDIA has Tegra, but Tegra does not support CUDA, and I doubt its GPGPU capability.

Can anyone give me any suggestion? Thanks

As far as I know, there is no CUDA capable handheld GPU. However, there are a couple of implementations of OpenCL Embedded Profile (although I am not sure if they are publicly available) to make use of the mobile-GPUs for general computations. I have not studied the performance.

There are also a couple of small works that make use of OpenGL ES to perform some simple general tasks on the GPU (for example, grayscale conversion and LBP computations or image warpings), however the performance is not too high and the maximum speedups that you might find are in the order of 1.5X to 3X.

If you are willing to wait, NVIDIA is porting CUDA to ARM for supercomputer applications:

The PDF is pretty interesting: