CUDA enabled notebooks?

I am thinking of buying a notebook that has CUDA-enabled Nvidia graphics cards.
The one from Lenovo series has Quadro NVS 140M.
Is it good enough ? or should I wait for the notebook that has Quadro NVS 320M ?
Thank you

I would like to hear some recommendations.

I’ve got a Dell Inspiron 1520 with a GeForce 8600M GT and it works perfectly under OpenSUSE 10.1

I am using a lenovo T61p with a Quadro FX 570M under xp x64. it is fast and stable.

The main thing to look for is 256MB (or more) of GPU memory. All laptop cards will be quite a bit slower than desktop versions, so speed is probably not an issue. For most applications the QuadroFX 570m in my Lenovo T61p is about 6-8x slower than a G80.


I tried to get the answer from NVIDIA tech support and Best Buy before. Both of them said they are unable to answer my question. Gees, that’s weird. I just bought a MSI 8400GS, in the instruction sheet, there lists a few MSI laptops that have the card installed. But I think probably few people will consider them. You may try to find it in the Apples if you have enough budget. Good luck and pleas post what you have found here to share with us.