CUDA for multi-core CPUs Any news ?

Hi all ,

CUDA for multi-core CPUs was annonced for last July. I can’t find any news about it :(

Do you know when it’s going to be released ?

I might be missing something, but what CUDA has to do with multi-core CPU?

I just read in this post that it will come in CUDA 2.1…t=&#entry431151

If you want your program to work both with and without a CUDA device, you would normally have to code your algorithm twice: once in CUDA, and once in C/C++/whatever. The CUDA programming model is restrictive enough that a compiler could directly generate multithreaded, SSE-enabled code in addition to GPU code. Then you only have to write the parallel parts of your application once.

Thats the research paper on MCUDA! – I think this is where everything might have started!

thanks for explanation.