Cuda GPU in GTX 285M - problems activating cuda cores?

Hi, I have a GTX 285M nvidia card inside a XXODD (Clevo) system, 4 Gb, 64 bit, windows 7.

When I want to run Octane Render (3d) ( it says “No Cuda Capable device found”
What can I do? I have installed the latest (Clevo) drivers, first I tried to install the newest Nvida 197.16 driver but then it says “can’t find any drivers that are compatible with your hardware”

I bought me a fast new notebook with the GTX 285M and then I can’t use it for my 3d work, please can anyone help me and supply me with the drivers that work on my sytem?

By the way how can I see if the cuda cores are activated? oR was that a stupid question?

Thanks a lot!


You could try one of the drivers from
They provide modded inf files to support your graphics card.


Doesn’t work

Did you extract the driver and replace the file nv_disp.inf with the one they provide?
eg.…x64/nv_disp.inf shows that gtx285M is supported with their modded inf.


Is this safe?