CUDA installation issues.

Please fix your CUDA installation.

  1. No one should use Express Installation because it will install any and all drivers regardless of newer versions already installed and WILL downgrade. Express should be hands off. But it’s not.

  2. Going into custom it will show (exp: new version 248.60 but old version is 336.15) and WILL downgrade every time to any and all drivers because it’s still selected and it has. It will even reinstall the same version (if it has it).
    Eather make the CUDA look for new drivers like what GeForce does and grab it where ever GeForce gets the drivers or have it uncheck the boxes with newer versions that are already installed like NVIDIA installation graphics driver program does. Strang why it works under NVIDIA graphics driver program from NVIDIA and it unchecks it and ask you if you’re sure if you still want to install it if you recheck it.

  3. If you would… Have it scan for BOING and Folding at Home if you want it to close them and if not the program will abort. I’m asking NVIDIA this since BOING and F@H has been worldwide for a long time now and should be apart of NVIDIA.

  4. When it comes to “network installation” have it ask after it downloads all relevant files and then asks you if you want to exit BOINC and F@H before the program installation and at the last pop-up window to remind you to reopen your “work programs” back up.

The recommendation for topics like this is to file a bug report using the instructions contained in the sticky post at the top of the CUDA programming sub-forum.

In my opinion, none if those are issues that need to be fixed. They are all user choices made at the time of installation. Some people actually DO want to downgrade so that option needs to be available. As for other programs, there are any number of possible programs that could be running and nvidia should not start checking for specific ones. You had to take action to start the installation so you also need to manage the other programs yourself.


If you have read all of my complaints you won’t be saying that it’s not an issue? For 1. So you’re saying “Express Installation” should downgrade!? And 2. All installations that I found form other programs and NVIDIA does check for versions all the time and will uncheck older versions of its self or abort the installation.
Just the NVIDIA Graphics drivers do check and unselect older drivers and CUDA is using the very same install program but somehow it’s broken.

I don’t see your logic in this at all?

Moderator, everything is about programming in CUDA site. Please have a link to click on. I looked all over for it.

The installer comes with a driver and if express is selected it installs the driver and CUDA. The question is should it install the driver only if it is newer or always? I can see both points of view here. I can also see how one would assume the driver would be installed only if it is newer.

Personally, I never make the assumption. I always use the custom installer and select what I want installed. I have four machines I keep up to date and I try to do the same thing every time and it’s worked so far. The 10.0 to 10.1 update was a bit rough but update 2 went very smoothly.