CUDA not installing correctly for it to appear in Microsoft Visual Studio

When I installed CUDA for my RTX 4050M laptop, I had the intention of opening it up on Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 when I was making a new project, I made sure to delete GeForce Experience & install the latest drivers. But when I chose the Express method and the install kept failing, even just choosing the CUDA packages and rejecting other packages like GeForce Experience, Drivers, & HD audio. None of it worked. Can anyone give me the help I need? Ask me for more information if necessary.

Thank you.

Hi, @altamimisajad0

Sorry for the issue you met ! Can you try to install like this?
choose Custom(Adanced), then do below selection

It does install just fine but…

It does not appear on visual studio when trying to make a new project.

Any explanations or solutions to my problem?

From the installation result, you have installed in VS2022 successfully.
So can you restart your VS to double check ? Also you can check if there is “CUDA” listed under All languages.

How can I restart? There is no option in VS Installer.

It is already listed under all languages in my screenshot.

So in “All languages” dropdown, there is CUDA listed ?
What happens if you select it ?

There isn’t “CUDA” listed. That is the main issue.

Yes. That’s the reason.
Have you seen this during your installation ?

This is literally what I got after the summary.

Do you know anything about restarting Microsoft VS?

When I say restart, I just mean close Visual Studio 2022 and Reopen.

Can you please confirm if there is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Enterprise\Common7\IDE\Extensions\NVIDIA\CUDA 12.3 Wizards folder in your machine. Some files are in it.

If there is and you VS2022 still can’t find CUDA, I would suggest you uninstall all and install again.

There is only Nsight Visual Studio Edition and not CUDA.

Guess I have to reinstall it.

Does it matter if I use VS Community, Professional, or Enterprise in this situation?

I did get this when trying to reinstall CUDA.

So I reinstalled VS and then CUDA. But it still shows Nsight Visual Studio.

The above screenshot shows you have “Nsight VSE” installed successfully, but not “Visual Studio Integration”. I never see this issue before. Can you please try to install this separately ? And check the install result. Also please tell me what exactly Visual studio version you use. Thanks !


No. All should be supported.

I am using Visual Studio 2022.