Cuda on Mac OS X with F+GTX 480

Just an example to show that the GTX 480 in Mac OS X produces high quality results. Please do not ask how I got it working. It is not supported by Apple so I will not answer. If someone from Apple care to look at this example of Smoke Particles this would be great and make them decide to put in the line the 4xx or 5xx series. With ATI you can just code OpenCL with NVIDIA both. Also could people in Apple make OpenCL work for the quadro 4000?

Ok now here is a video of the CUDA SDK demo on a Mac with GTX 480. The actual framerate is 95 FPS it slows down to 85 because of video capturing. The FPS that I am getting in windows is arounnd 70 FPS. So Mac OS X is a race horse with this card.

Smoke Particles

There is something also very strange I am getting 151 GFlops/sec for the Matrix Multiplication in OS X and just 33 GFlops/sec in Windows 7. Ok I am now certain that this card thrives in OS X. NVIDIA has done an excellent job for the OS X. I hope that some people in Apple see this. Of course 33 GFlops/sec can’t be right I need to update CUDA in Windows 7, nevertheless my previous disappointment in CUDA for the OS X has ended.
One more detail about temperatures and fan speed. I have an eVGA card. This card is very silent and it does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius in idle use. So people saying it reaches 100 degrees simply do not have this card or have a low quality system board. I can barely hear my system fans which is very important.