Cuda OpenCV - Gpu API call (initialization error)

Hello, I’m trying to compile CUDA6.0 inside OpencCV 2.4.9 with CMake 2.8.12 and Visual Studio 2012 . I have a Nvidia GTX760.

Cmake recognizes cuda properly and it makes a solution without generating any errors or flags. I can also build this solution without generating any errors. My problem is when I try to use the generated libraries. All the non-gpu libraries work just fine, but if I try to use any gpu function I get:

OpenCV Error: Gpu API call(initialization error) in CudaDeviceInfoFuncTable:getCudaEnabledDeviceCount, file C:/opencv/sources/modules/dynamicuda/include/opencv2/dynamicuda/dynamicuda.hpp, line 652

Any hints on how to solve this?