CUDA performance benchmark tests


I recently got some new Titan X GPUs, and I hope to do some performance benchmark tests on these GPUs. I’m wondering what are the standard benchmark tests that people usually do, and where can I find the testing programs and the expected performance numbers?

Thank you so much!


The first thing you should do is download CUDA-Z and verify that the general compute and memory bandwidth numbers for all GPUs are reasonable.

single precision float for the Titan X should be between 6900 GFLOPS and 7800 GFLOPS, depending on the clock speed. If you are in Windows put the Titan X which is not connected to the display in TCC mode via NVSMI.

After that run whatever benchmarks are of interest, such as large dense matrix multiply,batches FFTs or brute force algorithms.

Give this one a try (if you dare !), it has nice charts and all kinds of custom settings for advanced users, also auto settings for the cluessless or lazy ones ! ;)

Try halving bandwidth setting and test should run fine.