cuda profiler -> cannot get performance values problem with some profiler counters being skipped

hello everyone,

im trying to get the computed values of memory bandwidth and intruction throughput from the visual profiler.

i have linux 64-bit, 3.2 toolkit, and two gpus ( GTX 580 and 9800gtx+, i can only have one physically installed ).

the problem is, that after launching my kernel in the profiler, with all profiling counters checked in, i cannot execute the command “Session -> Global memory throughput”

im getting this error when doing it for gtx 580:

Profiler counter 'dram reads' required for 'Global memory throughput' calculations is not available.

the weird thing is that i did check dram reads and dram writes explicitly, but each time the kernel profiler completes, i see that they are ticked off.

is this a bug ¿

for the 9800gtx+ the case is similar, i know that 9800gtx+ is 1.1 cc, but the profiler complains that it needs this:

Profiler counter 'gld 32/64/128b' required for 'Global memory throughput' calculations is not available.

however this values are for 1.2 and further.

i would be very thankful if someone can give me hints how to get the memory throughput for these both cards with the visual profiler.

by the way im using visual profiler 3.2 from the 3.2 toolkit.

thanks in advance