CUDA Quantum Introduces More Capabilities for Quantum Accelerated Supercomputing 

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CUDA Quantum is an open-source programming model for building quantum-classical applications. Useful quantum computing workloads will run on heterogeneous computing architectures such as quantum processing units (QPUs), GPUs, and CPUs in tandem to solve real-world problems. CUDA Quantum enables the acceleration of such applications by providing the tools to program these computing architectures harmoniously.  The…

Hey cool article, I think there’s a typo in Figure 3 should the combined state-vector not be 320GB?

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the article.
In figure 3 each QPU is made out of 2 GPUs, each with a 80GB memory, therefore the vector size of the problem is limited to 160GB. However, both QPUs run in parallel so the time to compute the problem is cut by half.