CUDA_SAFE_CALL, CU_SAFE_CALL compiler option or choice betwn two macros.

Hi, all.

When I compile a cuda program, I just make my own makefile with simplest arguments for example:
nvcc -o example -keep -lcudart -lcuda -lcufft -lGL …

But this configuration uses the definition of CUDA_SAFE_CALL or CU_SAFE_CALL
#define CUDA_SAFE_CALL (call) call
#define CU_SAFE_CALL (call) call.

The header file says is definition is useful for performance. But I need good debugging now.

I also found there’s another deinition of CU*_SAFE_CALL which contains cudaThreadSynchronize() or cuCtxSynchronize() and
handling the return to see if it is not CUDA_SUCCESS.

How can I used the second kind of CU*_SAFE_CALL? Is there any compile argument in /NVIDIA_CUDA_SDK/common/
Then I can improve my make file with the option parameters.

Thank you.


I got it.
nvcc -D_DEBUG -g …
Its pretty much similar to c compile flags.