I am new to cuda. I installed cuda 6.5 on ubuntu 14.04(64bit) using apt-get.

when i try to compile pcl(point cloud library) with cuda support, it says:


what is the location of CUDA_SDK_ROOT_DIR?

ccmake could find location of CUDA_TOOLKIT_ROOT_DIR as /usr/local/cuda

It might be /usr/local/cuda/samples if you have installed the CUDA samples. I’m not sure if you will get these or not, it depends on what apt-get installed, exactly.

If the pcl library is old enough, it may be expecting one of the old CUDA SDK’s to be installed. These can still be downloaded and installed from an older CUDA version (e.g. CUDA 4.2) and then you can still use it (perhaps with some effort) in CUDA 6.5

Older SDK’s can be found here:

You will be prompted for the directory where you want to install it by the installer.

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