CUDA Support Problem (GeForce GTX660)

Hi there,
I have GeForce GTX 660. I installed the CUDA version 11.0. But I got the error CUDA error at bodysystemcuda_impl.h:281 code=13(cudaErrorInvalidSymbol) “setSofteningSquared(softeningSq)”.
I searched online and saw that some cards are not supported with new CUDA versions. Is it the problem I am encountering? I tried to find which CUDA versions support my card but I couldn’t find anything. I could only find the webpage below.

How can I find out which CUDA version supports my card?
Thanks in advance

Hi @seulusoy
You can look at Nvidia Driver & CUDA versions with this link.
What is your Nvidia Driver version?

Thank you for quick reply.
I am sorry for replying late. I was trying different versions of CUDA with different versions of Ubuntu. Than I found the following wikipedia page

and release notes of CUDA 11.0
in wikipedia, it is stated that Kepler is partially supported in CUDA 11. And in release notes, it is stated that sm_30 architecture (architecture of GTX 660) is deprecated since CUDA 10.2.

As a result, I successfully solved the problem by installing CUDA 10.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.

Glad to hear that !!