CUDA Teaching Center focusing on Digital Signal & Image Processing

Hello, I am a graduate student from Oklahoma State University. Our University has recently been named a CUDA Teaching Center by NVIDIA. We are integrating CUDA into our Electrical and Computer Engineering curriculum during this current Spring 2015 semester. We are trying to teach CUDA as a portion of our undergraduate real-time digital signal processing course and our graduate level image processing course. Neither of these courses are extremely advanced, however they do require the students to have a working knowledge of introductory DSP/Systems theory.

I am the designated teaching assistant for these courses and it is primarily my responsibility to organize the lab projects. I have found many resources on general CUDA programming, but have had a difficult time finding many educational resources about CUDA applied to DSP. If anyone knows of any good DSP CUDA resources or general GPGPU-DSP oriented material I would be very appreciative if you would share them with me. Also, I have put together a few recorded video lectures and lab projects that I would be happy to share or collaborate further on with any other CUDA teaching center or similar program.

Thank you and I look forward to collaborating with anyone willing to do so.