Cuda Toolkit Ubuntu 20.04

Any plan for release date for full CUDA Toolkit for Ubuntu 20.04?


There will be no official update of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS until 20.04.1 is out. I expect this will be in the October. Then maybe NVidia start to work on 20.04 support. So I won’t expect that CUDA will support 20.04 until the end of 2020 year.

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Looks like it’s available now with the release of CUDA 11!

I noticed that in the Installation Guide from CUDA Toolkit documentation for version 11.1.0, for Ubuntu 20.04.1, there is a footnote that says

Not meant for production due to limited validation.

I’m just wondering if this is a correctness issue?
Is there any way I can help validate? I have a AMD Zen 2 + NVIDIA Pascal workstation with Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS installed as the main OS.