Does anyone know where I can find a more up to date version of this chart?
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EDIT: Fixed image

Here you go:

Is this link public? I can’t view it.

Sorry about that - it should work now. I literally “updated” the chart in mspaint. It would be simple enough to replot the points in Excel, but I don’t recommend anyone use this in a presentation since published GFLOP/s numbers for CPUs are for double precision operations and the Nvidia GPU figures are for single precision. Also, the first five CPU points are not even labeled. I suspect that Nvidia deliberately decided not to update this graph.

Actually, the beta CUDA 3.1 Programming Guide has a much improved version of this figure. It is up-to-date with current CPU and GPU releases, and splits the data into four curves, showing single and double precision performance separately.

Thanks! (I updated my previous post). There is still a lot to question and it appears that Nvidia was challenged to come up with a slide comparing CPU and GPU performance that was both simple and (relatively) accurate. The decision to plot double precision performance with only the Tesla products is certainly interesting.

And why does the dark green line for “NVIDIA GPU Double Precision” seem to go all the way back to at least June 2004? Shouldn’t it start at Tesla C1060?

I believe it is sitting at zero for those points.

They should have logged the graph I think :unsure: