CUDA with other Programming Tools

I was wondering if CUDA or anything else can be used to program GPU’s with anything other programming language. I am currently using Delphi 2007 and have the GEFORCE 9600 GT and was wondering if I could use Delphi 2007 with it.



You were just given the solution in this thread:…ndpost&p=433739 No need to bump here 15min after you replied there.

I don’t know about Delphi, but CUDA wrappers for other languages exist…if one doesn’t exist for Delphi, why not create it and post it up here for others to use?

I’m currently working on a .NET wrapper myself…

I haven’t checked it out, but there’s a post about .NET bindings here:

Yeah, I took a look at those, but they basically wrapped the exact CUDA/CUBLAS/CUFFT interface; the bindings I’m working on are a little more abstracted, and should take some of the work out of using the libraries. For example, when multiplying two matrices, instead of having to do memory allocation and copy to/from the card’s memory and all that, my wrappers take care of all that automatically, and also select the appropriate cublas/cufft function based on the input type (single, double, complex, etc.) Since I’m using them to finish a project I’m working on, I should be able to finish them soon and make them available here fairly soon (in the next week or two).