I just installed cuda-8-0 by the [CUDA Toolkit 11.7 Update 1 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer][/url] and nvidia-375 driver. And I would like to run the samples but always have CUDA Error at …, code=38(cudaErrorNoDevice) error.
I tried to search latest threads online to see any solution but got into a mess without proper solutions. Anybody would help me fix that since I am a complete fresh bird to cuda?

Maybe you don’t have a GPU in your machine. Or else the next most likely issue is that the GPU driver was not installed correctly. For the latter case, I recommend starting with a clean load of the OS and follow the instructions carefully in the CUDA linux install guide.

Already solved. Yes you’re right I didn’t install the driver 375 correctly. So I re-install it and reboot and then it works.
Many thanks!!!