cuDNN: Need training (backward propagation) sample code

I have download cudnn-6.5-win-v2-rc2 sample code and success implement(convert) on CUDA6.5 + VS2013(with windows form) + OpenCV-3.0-alpha, it’s can test MNIST sample without Caffe LIB correctly.

I hope no need Caffe then execute training, however, NVIDIA no provide training (backward propagation) sample code, is there someone can help me ?

I think maybe need like as cudnnActivationBackward() cudnnSoftmaxBackward() etc. function.

Who can help me?

MNIST provides great data for training/testing - the data is grayscale so scale the data by 0.00390625 to convert the byte values into a 1.0 to 0.0 range. I found it best to place the MNIST data into a SQL database for speed.

The data is in a form: channels = 1, height = 28, width = 28.

For code you might check out the RC3. Hope this helps.


Actually I cant’ find sample code that demonstrates how to use cudnnActivationBackward and related backward calculation functions.
The sample code downloadable from only contains forward calculation in file mnistCUDNN.cpp.

Do you have sample code for backward calculation?

Thanks – Denis