cuFFT DLL size = 140Mo

Hi !

I wanted to ship a binary of my application which uses cuFFT. I have a few tens of thousands of lines of code which compile to about 2Mo. I was somewhat surprised when I discovered that my version of CuFFT64_10.dll is over 140Mo in size !
I’m guessing that’s something I have to live with, correct ?
If I were to compile using a static library (thereby not on Windows), then I’m assuming that most of the symbols would remain unused and not linked into the executable, is that correct ?. Any idea if I may gain a significant amount of weight (assuming for example that I use no callbacks and only 1D FFTs) ?

Thanks !

Did you ever found out the reason for theses sizes? So we have some problems with it (Windows DLL sizes)

The math binaries include many optimized kernels for different sizes, data types, and architectures.