cufft problem input data overwritten


I’m using the CUFFT library, and I have a problem…

i compute a R2C followed by a C2R transform (=> if I normalize, i get the same result, no problem with that)
(the transform is 2-dimensional, 6*6, for debugging purposes)

My problem is that, after calling
cufftExecC2R(plan, idata, odata);

the data inside idata is overwritten.

I’ve checked that idata != odata (no inplace transform), and even tried to allocate odata in a region of gpu memory that is very far from idata, but there is always the problem.

I can’t find in the doc something saying that input data is overwritten !

What to think ?

Thank you!

No idea ?

Is it just me, or it is an undocumented side effect ? (or a bug?)