cufftDx output is zeros

I am using cufftDx in my kernel. I found out that all the kernel’s output is zeros.
Trying to find where the problem come from, I used printf() in several places in my kernel.
the data (stored in local memory) printed before the FFT is some non-zeros numbers, and the data printed after the FFT is all zeros.
What can I do about it?
Thank you in advance,

Without seeing code, I would suggest you start by commenting out code the majority of the code. Add printf() to print what’s in local and compare to what you expect. It’s best to start with a small data set. Ensure you’re using proper thread synchronization. This will ensure any cuFFTDx operations finish any work on SMEM.

You can allow your compute-sanitizer to see if you have race conditions in your code.

Thank you. Problem solved

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