CUT_SAFE_CALL works strangely

Hi everybody ^_^

I have just installed the wizard CUDA_VS_Wizard_W32.2.0.exe few days ago and all works fine until I don’t do that in my function :

return CUT_SAFE_CALL(cutGetTimerValue(timer));


float ElapsedTime = CUT_SAFE_CALL(cutGetTimerValue(timer));

Which brings me to the following error :

error: expected an expression

As I said, this error is very strange because the same code works perfectly in my old project (with Cuda 2.1) :S

However, if I do that :

return cutGetTimerValue(timer);


float ElapsedTime = cutGetTimerValue(timer);

in my new project, it works perfectly that’s why I think the problem comes from the macro CUT_SAFE_CALL

Does anybody have some clues please ?

cutil is not intended for use outside of the SDK. seriously, do not use it

OK tmurray thank you for the advice ;)

And is there an alternative function or not ?

Is this advice available for CUT_CHECK_ERROR and all other CUT_* macro ?