data region

Do you have an example using “!$acc data region”?

I tried to include it in my code so I could have arrays span multiple compute regions, but I get this error:

“PGF90-W-0155-Unrecognized ACC directive: dataregion”

I added it to a F77 code, and it is in columns 1-5 as specified by the programming model manual.

Hi bollig,

There are a few things in the accelerator model that have not been implemented yet, including data regions. It’s being actively worked and will be available by the Novemeber 2009 release.


Clearly I suffer from impatience. :-) I just attempted to write a Fortran CUDA kernel only to find out when the compilation failed, that it too is anticipated to be part of the November 2009 release.

Does PG have a early release or beta program?