After unsuccessfully attempting to install NEC calibration software to calibrate monitors on a GeForce GTS450 card in a Linux system, it occurred to me that the nVidia driver does not support DDC/CI. (It is supported in Windows.)

Am I correct in concluding that the current driver does not support DDC/CI? Several recent posts appear to confirm that this protocol is not supported.


If you’d tried to search for a little while you’d discover a topic where this problem is discussed and a solution is posted.


Thank you, I saw that one (and several others as mentioned in my original post). Moreover, it does not provide a solution for my situation.

I am only seeking confrmation that the current Linux driver does not support DDC/CI.

The current Linux driver does support DDC/CI.

Moreover you don’t post any gddccontrol error messages which means you’re not really interested in solving your own problem. You haven’t provided any information about your setup either (nvidia-bug-report.log would suffice).

Also, it would be better if you joined the existing discussion instead of creating a new one.