Debug tools for debug my application on TX2?

TX2, jetpack4.4, L4T32.4.3,
i build my application with gcc , but there is some issues, how to debug for application? any tools?

Jetson TX2 developer kit user guide explains about “Developer Tools”.
And if you have a JTAG debugger like TRACE32, it is pretty helpful for your job.

If you just need to debug the user space side, and not kernel, then compile with “-g”, no “-O”, and use gdb (or a nice front end such as “cgdb”, though I recommend compiling from source to get a newer release). It takes only a bit of getting used to using gdb, and it does have other uses beyond user space.

For kernel space, I’ve had issues with the Trace32 and now only have outdated software, and with very high prices I can’t update it. When I got the Trace32 Lauterbach had no interest in helping to get it to work for Jetsons.

However, kgdb and kgdboc, despite a significant learning curve, and despite some limitations, is useful for some kernel debugging. This is essentially gdb over serial console, so if you can get through the extensive setup, some kernel level debug is available.