Debugging HLSL without 2 Graphics Units.

Is there a way to debug HLSL shaders, including compute shaders, with one Nvidia discrete graphics unit? I see that the Nsight currently requires two units for debugging but is there a way to emulate another graphics device? Are there other tools that can debug HLSL with one device.

Apparently Visual Studios 2012 has a fairly beta hlsl debugger built in but as far as I know this requires an installation of .Net (x.5). And anything .net (x.5) does not work well with existing projects.

Its kind of a pain to remote onto other machines, and its hard to find a group of graphics cards that have all the same capabilities that you want to test.


Hi guillxer,

Due to software limitations, it is currently not possible to do local Graphics debugging. What other pains are you experiencing? It may be possible to ease some of those pains. For instance, if your project is large, you may create a Windows share to your project directory, connect the share as a drive on the remote machine, and disable file synching in Nsight.