Declaration of shared memory arrays in kernel function

How do you declare shared memory arrays in kernel function?

I attempted the following, after referring to Programming Guide :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation

shared array;

int ix = blockIdx.x * blockDim.x + threadIdx.x;
if (ix <n) {
array[ix] = beta * array[ix];

but I end up getting errors. The array has a fixed size and is 1-dimensional.

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The code you have shown will not compile. Maybe that’s what you mean by “getting errors”. This posting gives an example of both a dynamic shared memory allocation as well as a static shared memory allocation.

I can’t tell what datatypes you are using, but for example for int you would do something like:

__shared__ int array[COMPILE_TIME_CONSTANT];

Thank you. I attempted the following:

const int size = 69789;
shared double eta_nbv[size];

My block size is 512. And my grid size is 240. The total shared memory per block on my GPU architecture is 49152 bytes.

I get the error “uses too much shared data”. Shouldn’t the total shared memory usage per block be equal to block size x precision type.
512 x 8 = 4096

The shared memory per block for statically allocated shared memory (what you are doing here) is limited to 48KB. For doubles, 8 bytes each, that would be 6144 doubles, max.

Please read the item I linked as it covers these topics already.