Decoder destructor exception causes GPU memory leak in deepstream v1.5

My program has been running for almost a day. It repeatedly prints steam info:

[DEBUG][11:31:38] =========== Video Parameters Begin =============
[DEBUG][11:31:38] Video codec : AVC/H.264
[DEBUG][11:31:38] Frame rate : 6000/1000 = 6 fps
[DEBUG][11:31:38] Sequence format : Progressive
[DEBUG][11:31:38] Coded frame size: [1280, 960]
[DEBUG][11:31:38] Display area : [0, 0, 1280, 960]
[DEBUG][11:31:38] Chroma format : YUV 420
[DEBUG][11:31:38] =========== Video Parameters End =============

And prints more and more frequently. From the nvidia-smi command, I see that the GPU memory continues to rise and finally prints

[ERROR][03:42:10] CUDA error 2 at line 165 in file src/nvDecLite.cpp
[ERROR][03:42:10] Decoder not initialized.

Please let me know if you have a solution.
Any message is appreciated!

Hi wjp11,

Which platform you’re running? Please provide more info of your environment and nvidia-smi log as reference.